Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Lumenpulse Drives Growth with Lean Management

Thanks to barcodes, Lumenpulse has reduced the time needed to do a physical inventory by 60%.

Lumenpulse called upon Thinkmax to implement the ScanWorkX solution to optimize their operations. The results was a significant improvement in productivity and a project delivered in advance and below budget. Not only the result of a great team effort between, but also a clear understanding of change management. 

Case Study Abstract:


In view of this astounding growth, Lumenpulse chose to adopt a lean management strategy. With this in mind, Lumenpulse decided to automate inventory-taking with barcodes since it was becoming more difficult to do it manually without increasing the risk of errors.

In addition, the manual inventory count was not producing the desired level of accuracy, making a year-end physical inventory necessary. This task requires all hands on deck for five consecutive days including weekends if necessary.

The impact on costs was substantial. In part because of the extra wage costs due to overtime, but also, and more importantly, because production must shut down completely during a physical inventory.


Lumenpulse mandated Thinkmax to implement an end-to-end automated data entry solution...

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