Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Aubainerie: Fortifying the Numbers

New digital coat for

Clothier Aubainerie



In a storm you need a coat. Trends already gaining momentum are suddenly taking off. Thinkmax is equipping venerable apparel chain Aubainerie to keep the numbers strong with a world-beating unified retail solution.


Having expanded to over 60 stores across Quebec since 1944, Aubainerie has built a laudable record of success in the affordable fashion segment. But radical changes sweeping through retail are confronting the company with acute new competitive pressures. As well as squaring off against traditional rivals, it’s now facing a host of powerful new competitors including global technology companies redefining the retail sales paradigm. To meet the challenge, Aubainerie needs to reinvent itself fundamentally as a technology-enabled retailer offering a bold new positioning and a radically enhanced customer experience.


When the company approached Thinkmax for assistance, we proposed migrating all operational, financial and business functions, as well as all sales and marketing, to a single cloud-based platform employing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations with Modern POS (points of sale). The plan was to drive efficiency, improve service and promote selling across multiple new channels with a unified retail solution fully integrating all parts of the business. A key challenge was providing a carefully considered roadmap to implementation and achieving consensus among Aubainerie’s decentralized franchisee leadership group. Our approach was to proceed in two phases: the first involving implementation of the core platform and the roll out of 250 modern POS across the entire chain; and the second following up with deployment of a powerful e-commerce solution and the integration of the company’s evolving manufacturing capabilities.


With the successful completion of phase one of the project, we got buy-in from franchisees to proceed with phase two. Our new platform with modern POS has swept aside piecemeal, outdated on-premises systems and processes including not one two different obsolete POS systems, the legacies of a previous failed modernization attempt. Results to date include exponential improvements in employee empowerment, customer experience and operational efficiency and control. Aubainerie can now launch new projects and drive innovation in store and online that its legacy technologies had made impossible.


Magasin Aubainerie


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