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Recognized by Microsoft for our knowledge and expertise of Dynamics 365, Thinkmax has quickly surpassed the expectations of its customers through extensive training of its employees and the dedication of its team at each stage of the implementation process.

Choosing Thinkmax, an outstanding asset!

Secure your investment with the support of a Microsoft certified partner.

Business Process Improvement

Learn how we can make your business more efficient.

As Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants, we help you transform your business from the inside out. Our tools, expertise and methodology create positive and sustainable change. Use our expertise as an asset to your business.

Proof of Concepts

A simulation of your business environment

Our in-depth understanding of your industry enables us to isolate segments of your business processes and reproduce them in a controlled environment. There, we determine if Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the right solution for you. The best of both worlds, without any risk.

ROI Analysis

Learn how to maximize your ROI

Together, we can optimize your company’s growth and rigorously analyze key aspects of your business in order to determine if implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 is right for you and a justifiable investment.


Connect all functions of your business environment

We know Microsoft Dynamics 365 functions inside and out. From purchasing to payment, quote to cash, forecast to delivery, scheduling to inventory, financial plan to report, hire to retirement, project control to customer relationship management, our consultants always keep your company’s needs in mind.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Access real-time data

We equip your decision makers with a single, unified vision of your business data. Thanks to our consultants, your managers’ decision-making skills and speed of operation are sharpened


Increase your company’s revenues

Our consultants can help you increase sales by guiding you through selecting, optimizing, and integrating a unified software solution compatible with your existing environment – all the while adhering to best practices and proven methodologies.

Integration & Development

Unify your system and your business

Our expert knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology enables us to customize the solution to your business. Our consultants provide you with a customized and integrated solution by connecting the distinct features of each of your business functions.


Breathe new life into a project

Some businesses are looking to improve their profitability or increase operational efficiency, while others want to explore new markets. Our consultants can guide you along the way, whatever your ambitions.


Sort future business requirements

We’ve worked with every version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 since its inception. We can walk you through the features of the latest rollout, as well as keep you advised of future updates. Take advantage of our expertise to find out what each version has to offer.

Training & Support

Benefit from our ongoing training and support

Thinkmax complements your technical and business support teams with in-depth knowledge. As a certified partner, we have the resources to guide you through every procedure according to the needs of your business and industry.

Choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365

Grow, evolve and transform every part of your business to better respond to the changing market and needs of your customers.

Increase your agility

Rapidly transform your business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 manages the complexity and integration of new business models to maintain your business evolution and keep it competitive. More than ever, decisions must be made quickly, based on reliable real-time data that’s accessible from anywhere. Be ready to respond at any time!

Best business practices

Leverage proven solutions that can maximize your return on investment as well as best business practices based on the American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) to make your business more efficient. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you will take control of your business processes and automate them, giving you a competitive edge.

Adaptability, a competitive advantage

In addition to the basic system functionality, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be enriched by customized development or by adding industry solutions (ISV), enabling you to benefit from specialized functions specific to your business sector and requirements without affecting the sustainability and operation of your system. Here lies the key to maintaining your agility!

Increase productivity

Powerful decision-making tools

With comprehensive and contextualized real-time data and a unified Microsoft Power BI application, you'll be able to make the best possible decisions for the future of your business. All your company’s data becomes available at a glance, providing a complete overview of your activities.

Supply chain optimization

Microsoft Dynamics 365 optimizes your supply chain so you can better coordinate your production needs and purchases. Whether it’s the overall visibility of demand and inventory; supply chain optimization; production planning by sector, location, or excellence centre, Microsoft Dynamics 365 will increase your operational efficiency while reducing your costs. Great performance is always a good way to set you apart from the competition!

Products & services life cycle management

Being proactive and innovative is key to maintaining a competitive edge. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can optimize your productivity by maintaining full control over the life cycle of your products and services enabling to accelerate your ability to be proactive. Give your products and services a competitive edge!

Time saved

The unification of Microsoft productivity tools allows you to integrate your business functions in a user-friendly way. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, the business application workflow is integrated with Microsoft's productivity software (Office 365, PowerApps, Flow, etc.), enabling employees to work and navigate through various functions such as Sales, customer service, operations, finance and marketing without changing systems. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the leading solution for automating and improving business processes and simplifying your organization's technology infrastructure

Accelerate your growth

Progressive Implementation

Implementation and deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be incrementally executed, in a modular and / or progressive way, according to your business needs and priorities – by sector, department or business function – in order to meet your business objectives and strategies.

The Cloud: Accessible and Flexible

Thanks to cloud computing technology, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be deployed quickly, and according to your needs. Cloud capacity allows Microsoft Dynamics 365 to integrate with your existing systems and easily adjust to demand. Whether you want to implement a new business model, open a new office or business abroad, seize new opportunities, or transform your operations, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the flexibility and power of the Cloud make it simple.

Excellence in manufacturing

Aim for excellence! Become more efficient in all your activities, from manufacturing to customer relations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you greater visibility by interconnecting your operations, from planning to customer service to marketing. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations simplifies production management, accelerates product launches, and provides greater flexibility to deliver.

Performance in distribution

Dynamics 365 is the solution for managing complex operations as it provides a 360 degree view of your entire supply chain: automated inventory-management processes, transport planning and merchandise reconciliation with improved forecast accuracy to help better manage product availability and inventory costs. These are essential tools to help you raise your competitiveness in your markets.

Optimization for professional services

Give your company advanced management tools for the management and administrative coordination of your projects and customers. Optimize your resources and schedules, manage agreements and requests for changes and benefit from better tracking of costs, as well as many types of billing processes. These are many ways to make your company evolve and to fulfill your ambitions.

Personal experience for retail

The functional scope of Microsoft Dynamics 365 from point-of-sale to e-commerce and across the entire supply and logistic chain simplifies the management of your business so you can focus on your customers, employees and partners. Provide an exceptional customer experience by giving your in-store consultants the tools to find the product and customer information they need in just a few clicks. That’s the key to offering personalized service through enhanced interaction on mobile platforms, points of sale and social media.

Choosing an ISV solution

Intelligent applications that work smarter together.

Each application solves real problems and provides a true added value. By combining them, you’ll have the efficiency and opportunity to transform your business by running it from end to end with smart applications that work in perfect harmony.

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